Sports Commission Releases New Website

January 22, 2009

At its January 20, 2009 Board of Directors Meeting, the Palm Beach County Sports Commission unveiled its new website The project, which has been in development for over a year, is the final component of the Sports Commission’s re-branding program.

Initiated by Sports Commission President Don Dufresne, a partner at the law firm of Greenspoon Marder, P.A., the project sought to create a new image for the 18-year old Sports Commission. “Our Board felt that the old public image did not adequately reflect our current activities, our approach to business and the image of Palm Beach County as a sports and sports tourism destination.” he said. Dufresne also added “The re-branding program and website will provide the foundation from which the Sports Commission will launch its new marketing, membership and business development initiatives.”

“We started with the basic elements of design.” Dufresne said. After seeking proposals, the Sports Commission Board selected the Ft. Lauderdale branding design company, Tangled Spider Design Group. Tangled Spider Design Group is also known for their re-branding and website work with Marco Andretti Racing, Broward County Arts and the Las Olas Wine and Food Festival. They completed an extensive review of the Sports Commission’s goals and mission, the approaches of other sports commissions around the country and the graphic adoptions of Palm Beach County as used by governmental and other agencies.

Their recommendations consisted of a contemporary, stylized adaption of the most common elements found in Palm Beach County: blue skies, palm fronds, blue water, bright sunshine, golden sand beaches and the sun or a ball representing sports. Accenting the use of these elements was the selection of colors appropriately named; cool ocean blue and sunflower yellow. The colors represent the hopeful and radiant characteristics of a fresh new beginning.

Along with the new look of the website; the Sports Commission has also introduced new applications. Online registration will help make events sponsored by the Sports Commission much more efficient. Registrants will have the ability to not only register and pay online, but also to edit their guest list. An automated Membership Program provides added benefits to members of the Sports Commission, and makes it easier than ever to become a new member.

One of the most important new applications is an interactive Calendar of Events. Visitors are able to search by facility, by sport, by date or by keyword for sporting events in Palm Beach County. Most importantly, the new Community Events Calendar will allow Palm Beach County Parks and Recreation programs, youth and adult sports leagues, schools, and municipalities in the County to submit information such as their on their sporting events, such as their schedules, to be added to the overall Events Calendar. Software for the website was developed by West Palm Beach based Forte Interactive.

Dufresne said, “These features will truly make the Sports Commission website the portal to everything Sports in Palm Beach County. With the launch of this new website and the re-branding campaign, the Palm Beach County Sports Commission is better positioned to attract more sports enthusiasts, additional sporting events, increase room night occupancy and contribute to the local economy” Dufresne concluded.

The new Sports Commission graphics were introduced in October, and have an extensive style and usage manual.

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