Summer Amateur Baseball Returns to Palm Beach County

May 21, 2013

                                           Palm Beach County Sports Commission


May 21, 2013

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Summer Amateur Baseball Returns to Palm Beach County


Palm Beach County, FL-Palm Beach County is a nucleus for baseball, America’s national pastime, throughout the summer. More than 400 teams involving over 6,000 athletes will compete in 11 major baseball tournaments on a national, regional or state level. In Palm Beach County the players, coaches and general participants will occupy an estimated 6,300 hotel room nights and generate over $2.4 million of economic impact for the local community. Because of the outstanding baseball facilities, the tropical climate and a strong resume of prestigious baseball events, Palm Beach County has a competitive advantage when it comes to hosting baseball tournaments. The summer of 2013 will bring excitement due to the world of amateur baseball, both on the field of play and off the field for the local economy.

Few communities have baseball venues such as Palm Beach County. Roger Dean Stadium, located in Jupiter, is home to the Miami Marlins and the World Series Champion St. Louis Cardinals, during the Major League Baseball (MLB) spring training season. Roger Dean Stadium is one of the premier spring training baseball complexes in Florida, consisting of a 7,000 seat stadium and 12 ancillary fields, which enables it to successfully host the nation’s largest tournaments. Palm Beach County is also home to the Santaluces Athletic Complex, the former spring training facility  for the Montreal Expos. Located in Lantana, this complex maintains a quad of major league baseball size fields.



This summer Roger Dean Stadium and the Santaluces Athletic Complex will be home to one of the largest baseball tournaments in the nation, the USA Baseball National Team Championships, scheduled for June 19-26. The Palm Beach County Sports Commission has partnered with USA Baseball to host the most prestigious baseball event in the nation for the 14 & under and 17 & under age group. USA Baseball uses this tournament to recruit and select players to compete on its national team, which will represent the United States during international competition. The USA Baseball National Team Championships include more than 70 teams and 1,100 athletes, competing in 264 games. The event is expected to generate over 3,500 room nights and approximately $1.2 million in economic impact. USA Baseball is the national governing body for the sport, presiding over 12 million amateur players.

The Palm Beach County Sports Commission has also partnered with Team One Baseball to bring four of its eight Under Armour Team One National Tournaments to Palm Beach County. Roger Dean Stadium will host the Under Armour Memorial Day Classic on May 24-27, the Under Armour Southeast Regional on June 7-11, the Under Armour Firecracker Classic on July 1-5, and the Under Armour September Classic on September 20-22. Three of the national events are wood composite bat tournaments, attracting high-level 18 & under and 16 & under travel teams from across the country. The September tournament is a competitive 14 & under and 16 & under tournament featuring teams from across the United States. Following this talent is a substantial number of MLB and collegiate baseball scouts. These tournaments will attract 140 local and traveling teams, creating a projected 1,400 room nights and $780,000 of economic impact for Palm Beach County.

PRO-DAY Baseball will conduct its inaugural National Showcase in Palm Beach County at Roger Dean Stadium.  This event will attract 100 elite high school baseball players from across the United States.  The players will receive exposure from an array of college coaches & professional scouts who are in attendance to help them receive a potential scholarship to go off to college or get drafted professionally. PRO-DAY Showcases are held in the Southeastern United States with the “Top Players” from the Regional Showcases being invited to the National or World Showcases. High School players have attended from across the United States and far away as Japan, Guam, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic and Mexico

Through a partnership with the Palm Beach County Sports Commission and the Palm Beach Police Athletic League, the Perfect Game Florida Scout League will host their regional tournament July 24-29.  This tournament will take place at the Santaluces Athletic Complex, Manzo Field in Lake Worth, and Palm Beach Central High School. This 18 & under event is one of six Perfect Game Florida Scout League tournaments taking place in 2013. The event will attract 40 teams and 600 athletes from across the state. Proceeds benefit the Palm Beach County Police Athletic League, while offering top-notch competition with college and professional scouts and recruiters.

Whether it is wood bats or metal bats, highly talented travel teams or little leaguers just learning to play the game, baseball fields across Palm Beach County will be active this summer. America’s pastime will have a presence that is not easily replicated anywhere else throughout the United States. These baseball events promote Palm Beach County as an elite youth baseball destination and are significant contributors to the sports tourism industry.                           





# of Teams

Economic Impact

Room Nights


Under Armour

 Memorial Day Classic

May 24-27

Roger Dean Stadium





Under Armour Southeast Regional Championship

June 7-11

Roger Dean Stadium





Father’s Day Extravaganza

June 10-16

PGA Park





Coast to Coast Baseball Showcase

June 15-19

Roger Dean Stadium





USA Baseball National

Team Championships

June 18-26

Roger Dean Stadium





Under Armour Firecracker Classic

July 1-5

Roger Dean Stadium





Cal Ripken Rookie State Tournament

July 4-7

PGA Park





Pro Day Baseball National Showcase

July 11-13

Roger Dean Stadium





Cal Ripken 12u
 Southeast Regional

July 25-28

PGA Park





Perfect Game’s Florida Scout League Regional

July 25-29

Santaluces Ath.     Complex





Under Armour
September Classic

Sept. 20-22

Roger Dean Stadium












Summary of the impact generated by amateur baseball this summer:


             11 amateur baseball tournaments with state, regional, or national impact


             6 sport organizations or governing bodies: Team One Baseball (Under Armour), Coast to Coast Baseball, Pro-Day Baseball, Cal Ripken Baseball, Perfect Game, and USA Baseball


             Estimating 6,564 athletes (traveling and local)


             Projecting over $2.4 million of economic impact derived from these tournaments


             Projecting 6,365 room nights


             Projecting more than 1,000 baseball games


             Age groups from 8u to 18u 


             Tournaments will utilize as many as 16 baseball fields at once with game start times ranging from 8am to 8pm.



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