12th WCF World Croquet Championshsip coming to Palm Beach County

April 28, 2009

The 2009 World Croquet Championship is coming to Palm Beach County

What takes the skill of billiards, the strategy of chess, and requires the players to wear white? Archie Peck, Director of Croquet at the National Croquet Center and seven time world champion can answer that without hesitation. He should know. His National Croquet Center is hosting the 2009 World Croquet Championships this May.

Championship croquet is played on a 104’x84’ manicured lawn similar to a golf green but perfectly level. Points are won by shooting the balls through heavy rectangular iron rectangular hoops, called wickets, rooted solidly in the ground, with a mere 1/32” clearance for the ball. Croquet at the world championship level is a game of precision, skill, and strategy. Much like the concept of playing billiards or shooting pool, where a cue ball must be used to hit the intended ball, croquet requires a similar strategy of positioning balls around the court to increase chances of making many wickets in one turn.

This international event kicks off on Saturday, May 9th in West Palm Beach, and will attract over 80 teams from around the world. The 12th WCF World Association Croquet Championship is being hosted by the USA and the United States Croquet Association (USCA), and locally supported by the Palm Beach County Sports Commission.

Other games in the preliminary rounds will also be played at the PGA National Resort & Spa Croquet Club in Palm Beach Gardens. The Final play-off and main events will be held at the National Croquet Center. The event rotates annually among the major croquet-playing countries of the world, and was last held in the US in 1992 in Newport, Rhode Island.

The event is supported by a grant from the Palm Beach County Sports Commission, and is expected to generate over $250,000 in economic impact and create over 600 room nights for Palm Beach County hotels.

For more information on the sport of croquet and this event, you can visit the following websites:

2009 World Croquet Championship www.worldcroquet2009.com
United States Croquet Association www.croquetamerica.com
The World Croquet Federation www.wcfcroquet.org 


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