About Us

Palm Beach County,
A Sports and Sports Tourism Destination 

BaseballThe Palm Beach County Sports Commission is a private, not-for-profit organization contracted by Palm Beach County to promote and market the County as a sports and sports tourism destination.  The Commission brings sporting events and activities to the County, enhances economic impact, stimulates bed tax revenues (with a focus on the off-season), and maximizes utilization of County facilities. 

Each year, the events we support are responsible for thousands of sports visitors to Palm Beach County - sleeping in our hotels, utilizing our facilities, enjoying our attractions and eating in our restaurants. 

For the Record:

  • Since its inception in 1991, the Palm Beach County Sports Commission has filled 2,124,498 hotel rooms in Palm Beach County. 
  • The Palm Beach County Sports Commission has attracted 3,927,349 visitors to Palm Beach County.
  • The Palm Beach County Sports Commission has created an estimated economic impact to the county of $780 million.
  • Our organization began in 1985 and privatized in 1991.
  • We have 17 Directors on our Board (7 appointed, 10 elected).
  • Sport enthusiasts can become members of the Sports Commission to support its activities.
  • We have prominent corporate sponsors.
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