Palm Beach County is home to some of the nation’s premier sporting facilities. Event owners will uncover a variety of high-quality, sport-oriented facilities, that will make a perfect fit for both amateur and professional sporting events.

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The Sports Commission Staff is Ready to Help

The Palm Beach County Sports Commission is ready to assist event owners and rights holders in making their event a successful one in Palm Beach County. Among the support services available are:

Support Funding (Grants)

Palm Beach County offers funding to assist qualified events with specific costs through its grant program administered by the Palm Beach County Sports Commission. The financial support offered to numerous and varied events demonstrates the County’s commitment towards sustaining and enhancing its hosted events. Funds are awarded based on particular criteria, most notably the number of hotel room nights that the event generates.   Our grant program is one of the reasons that Palm Beach County is a premier destination for sporting events.

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Event Servicing – EZ Stay Program

Each year, the Sports Commission services hundreds of events in a variety of manners to make your event successful. From partnering with organizations and event owners, to simply assisting with housing or facility needs, the Sports Commission is here to provide support and service.

The Sports Commission offers a wide range of assistance to not only attract events to Palm Beach County, but also to ensure their success. Through our EZ-Stay program, the Sports Commission will assist you with your preparation and event management needs, so you can “Just Bring Your Game."

There are many ways the Palm Beach County Sports Commission can assist your event. Below are a few examples:

• Financial Partnerships
• Event Management
• Public Relations
• Marketing
• Facility and Site Selection
• Hotel Accommodations
• Volunteers
• Support Services

Palm Beach County is a Sports Paradise


With a comfortable average annual temperature of 78° F (25 °C), Palm Beach County is able to host any type of sporting event at any time of the year. South Florida’s tropical climate is unique to any other region, and is one of the primary reasons that an average of 2,000 new residents relocate to Palm Beach County each month.

Sport Atmosphere
Palm Beach County is a sport-oriented market. As a host to major regional, national and international sporting events, Palm Beach County has the experience and commitment to serving the sport tourism industry.

Palm Beach County is an extraordinary destination offering athletes and sport fans the very best of everything. With over 47 miles of white sandy beaches and over 200 hotels and resorts from Jupiter to Boca Raton, our destination offers every conceivable amenity. The county also has an array of attractions,with more than 40 cultural venues, 12 major shopping destinations, 2,400 restaurants, 1,200 tennis courts, and over 170 golf courses.

Just Bring Your Game