Palm Beach County Sports Commission Hosts 3,500 First Responders for Olympic-Style Competition

For nearly two weeks this June, police, firefighters, military personnel, federal agents, and emergency medical personnel met in The Palm Beaches to compete in the First Responder Games. This year marked the fourth time that the Palm Beach County Sports Commission served as both the host and primary organizer of the Games.

The First Responder Games is an Olympic-style competition that utilizes various sports venues throughout the region. This multi-sport event attracted over 3,500 first responders from across the nation, competing in approximately 30 different sports. Events included basketball, softball, soccer, flag football, golf, ice hockey, fishing, archery, tennis, pickleball, swimming, volleyball, bowling, billiards, darts, racquetball, sporting clays, powerlifting, and cycling. For a full schedule of events, please visit

The First Responder Games created a significant tourism and economic impact for Palm Beach County. With most participants traveling and requiring hotel accommodations, the Palm Beach County Sports Commission projects that this event will generate over 2,000 hotel room nights. This influx of visitors is estimated to create an economic impact of over $2 million through direct visitor spending.

Take a look inside the First Responder Games and the Palm Beach County Sports Commission’s efforts to produce this incredible event by clicking below to watch a recap of the last First Responder Games in The Palm Beaches.